In order to optimize the production of delicious supplì we created a scalable infrastructural model whereby we concentrate cooking facilities, cold, freezing and room temperature storage, and one of the team member is housed when in London, all in one place. This allows us to limit transport movement of goods - before we had 3 different storage locations. It decreases our expenditures by keeping down rent costs of kitchen space and storage space which are exorbitant in London. By working hard to be excellent Managing Agents for our tenants, this location is also  the home of other people who live, work and study in the British capital.

We are always looking for partners or tenants who share our love for supplì, Italian and Roman cuisine, the food business and who already have a primary occupation in London.

What we offer in exchange is below  or at  market room prices, with both single and double rooms. Reliability as Managing Agents, the possibility to learn from a great Chef and cuisine innovators and perform occasional paid work in the Italian street food and catering business

The property is located in East London E14, minutes distance from Canary Wharf by public transport.

Drop us an email at if you are interested in joining SVPPLÌERS.

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